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Michael Shaham; Rinat Shaham; Naomi Shaham; Noga Shaham

Full-blooded music making from a streamlined ensemble the arts desk

”…they never get in the music’s way. It flows out of them unimpeded, as if balancing a piano trio were the easiest thing in the world, which goodness knows it is not… These performers evoke musical values that today are beginning to seem “old school” yet are as sterling solid as ever. Erez is the most self-effacing of virtuosi, delivering glitter and dazzle… his tone always singing and translucent. Shaham’s sound recalls the great violinists of the mid-20th century: rich and gorgeous, yet never sugary, his use of portamenti judiciously applied. Wallfisch’s cello seems virtually an extension of himself as he blends into vivid musical conversations or briefly takes centre stage to bowl out the big tunes… Notable qualities that leapt out of this performance included the choice of contrasting palettes… Erez’s piano tone turned utterly luminous, as if by magic.”

Trio Shaham Erez Wallfisch was founded in 2009 and comprises three of the finest international instrumentalists performing today.

Since its formation, the Trio has been invited numerous times to prestigious chamber music series at venues such as London’s Wigmore Hall, Amsterdam Concertgebouw, Rotterdam De Doellen, Hamburg Elbphilharmonie. The trio often appears in Spain, the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Israel and Canada. This outstanding trio has been invited by the Wigmore hall to present the complete Beethoven piano trios in 2020, the composer’s 250th anniversary.



The Shaham Erez Wallfisch trio has an exclusive contract with Nimbus Record. Releases to date include Mendelssohn trios, Ravel Debussy and Faure, Arenski, Shostakovich and Rachmaninov, 2 cds album of Brahms trios and Double concerto and Dvorak, Schumann and Grieg trios. Upcoming releases include the complete Beethoven trios and the triple concerto, Schubert complete works, Dvorak, Haydn and Bloch trios.

Link to the Trio Shaham-Erez-Wallfisch website:

Michael Shaham; Rinat Shaham; Naomi Shaham; Noga Shaham

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